Frequently Asked Questions

Often, consumers have similar questions at different stages of their vehicle purchase. We have grouped the most often asked questions here. If you have a question that is not listed, please do not hesitate to call one of our dedicated Sales and Leasing Professionals at 508-587-9040.

1.) What fees can I expect over and above the price of the vehicle?

Other fees include sales tax, title, registration and documentation charges. Massachusetts taxes vehicle purchases at 6.25%. The State of Massachusetts also charges $75 to title a vehicle, plus $60 for new plates or $25 to transfer an existing plate for a total of $135 for new plates or $100 to transfer an existing plate. There is a $5 Title Transfer service charge. If you live out of state, we will submit the tax documents to the Department of Revenue and provide you with proof of taxes paid. You will responsible for any additional taxes (over the 6.25%) in the state you reside. If your vehicle is registered in Massachusetts, you will need to have a State Inspection done within 7 days of your purchase, this is not included nor provided by Copeland Volkswagen. The cost of the Massachusetts state inspection is $35.

2.) How much is your standard documentation fee and what does it cover?

Our standard documentation fee is $490. This is non-negotiable, and every customer is required to pay it in accordance with compliance law. It includes, but is not limited to, In House Notary Fees, Next Day Mailing for Payoffs, Mailing of Transfer Registrations, Carfax Vehicle History Report Provided for Every Vehicle, Assisting Customer in Notifying Their Insurance Company of the Vehicle Purchase and Obtaining Courtesy Stamps, Original Insurance Stamps or Facsimile Insurance stamps as required by the State of Massachusetts, Duplicate Title Applications for Lost Trade Titles, Storing Hard Copies of Archived Files as required by Law, Compliance, Patriot Act and Privacy Act, Required Insurance for Test Drives, Computer and Internet Security, Verifying Customer Identity and Fraud Protection, Disposition of Trades, Administering Extended Warranties, Gap Insurance and Tire & Wheel Protection.

3.)  Do you accept trade-in's?

YES!!!!!!!!!  We accept all vehicles, any age, condition, and miles. We want to find a great new home for your previous vehicle. 

4.)  What is your standard warranty on New Volkswagens?

New 2017 Volkswagens receive a 3-year/36,000-mile bumper to bumper warranty with roadside assistance, and a powertrain warranty of 5 years/60,000 miles.

New 2018 Volkswagens receive The People First Warranty, a 6-year/72,000-mile bumper to bumper warranty with roadside assistance

5.)  What is your standard warranty on used vehicles?

 Vehicles that have fewer than 40,000 miles receive a 90 day or 3,750-mile warranty (whichever comes first starting from date of purchase). Vehicles with 40,000 to 79,999 miles receive a 60 day or 2,500-mile warranty. Vehicles with 80,000 to 124,999 miles receive a 30 day or 1,250-mile warranty. Vehicles with 125,000 miles or over receive an Implied Warranty.

We also offer Volkswagen World Auto Certified CPO warranties, as well as a range of other Extended Warranties to meet a customers varied needs. Please inquire with Michael Tishman, our Business Manager, for more details at 508-587-9040.

6.)  Do you accept credit cards for vehicle purchases?

We will accept up to $2,000 (in total) on a credit card toward a vehicle purchase. If you pay cash, we require a bank check, certified funds (no personal checks) or cash at delivery. Please make certified checks out to Copeland Volkswagen.

7.) Can I have a used car checked by my Mechanic?

Sure! If you wish to have a used vehicle receive an outside mechanical check, we require a deposit and signed purchase agreement before the vehicle can leave our lot.

8.) Do you provide an additional key with every vehicle?

All new vehicles come with two keys. All Volkswagen World Auto Certified CPO vehicles come with two keys. All other used vehicles may or may not have a spare key. We will assist you in obtaining a spare key, or a third key, at additional cost.